Time on Tumblr



Here is one cup of silty coffee

reflecting a clouded sky.

Here is one handmade ceramic vessel

holding a precious succulent.

Here is one pale, unsexed arm

covered in doodles. Sorry, no. Tattoos.

At least they are artistic on Tumblr.

An open tent flap, foot-clad socks, a cotton rug.

In the distance, a mountain. A lake. A cliff.

Railroad tracks, canoes, and is that a Bible?

At least they travel on Tumblr.

So many roads with no one to walk them.

So many beds with twisted, greying sheets.

So many windows looking out

on sooty rooftops, trees, lakes.

So much time alone on Tumblr.

So many boys with beards and axes

and bespoke leather boots.

So many girls wearing hats wrapped in blankets,

by glaciers, by rivers, by mountains.

They must be so cold on Tumblr.

Tarts, plums, oatmeal, granola,

whiskey and bourbon and pour-over coffee,

cheese boards overrun with triple creams,

waffles topped with sprigs of rosemary.

At least, I tell myself, at least

they are eating well

on Tumblr.


KGB 2016

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